#132 Humans of Fresh

7.6. 2019Dan Chmelík

Gloria Sánchez, 33 let
1.vstup – 2.1. 2018
Počet tréninků k 7.6. 2019 – 226


 My name is Gloria, I’m a 33 years old, Spanish and I work and live here in Prague as freelance graphic designer/illustrator since 2015 (you can see some crazy art at @gloriasanchezartist  🙂 ). And yes, still I don’t speak Czech properly… Ups! I work in Spanish or English and in my house we speak Polish/Spanish/English (Polish husband!).

I have 2 cute little rats, I like electronic music,  listening entrepreneur Podcasts, read books about pseudoscience or mysteries of the Universe, and I’m a vintage lover.

My passion, besides of create weird, creepy and surreal art, is Lifehacking, Biohacking and Fitness. I love the feeling to be strong and workout hard! 🙂 Also I love to travel, specially spending couple of years in a different place and learn about other culture (I lived in Portugal, France, Poland and I’m moving soon to a different country… I will miss you all! L )

I’m very happy training at FreshHarfa because everyday is a different workout, a different trainer and a new challenge, so is not boring! Also there is a gret atmosphere, a nice people and coaches.

 If you are reading this and didn’t try yet a workout at FreshKruhac, I I encourage you to come and try a class, you will love it! 🙂


„Stay Fresh and see you in the workout!“